What is Zivi?

Zivi is a premium bottled mineral water sourced from a pristine aquifer deep in the Carpathian Mountains.  As the water trickles down the unspoiled meadows and rolling green hills and filters drop by drop through the soil and rocks deep into the earth to reach its destination 800 feet below the ground, it gathers natural electrolytes and trace minerals that are vital for human life.  

pH 7.5

100% Natural

Zivi originates from a pristine aquifer created drop by drop over millions of years in the shelter of the Carpathian mountains

800' Deep

Because of the depth of its source, Zivi is free from hazardous contaminants, dangerous chemicals, harmful pesticides, heavy metals, and other toxic substances commonly found in surface water

Perfect pH of 7.5

Zivi has no added chlorine or fluoride and contains naturally occurring electrolytes essential for human life, mainly ions of calcium and magnesium, with a well balanced pH level of 7.5

The Source

The unique geological traits of the untouched forested paradise called Carpathian Mountains offers a wealth of pristine underground aquifers, healing thermal springs, fresh mountain brooks and an abundance of drinking water rich in Nature’s minerals.  

Why Zivi?

Zivi’s unparallel purity and balance makes it one of the best natural mineral water on the market suitable for daily use by virtually anyone.  With a negligible levels of sodium (ten times less than an average tap water), three times as much calcium and magnesium as an average tap water, it is particularly suitable for times when the hydration needs are increased – during exercise, in pregnancy or during breastfeeding, as part of body cleansing diets, in hot or humid weather, or during any intense activity.

Tomas’ sip of life is Zivi!

We are excited to announce a partnership with a professional hockey player Tomas Tatar (Montréal Canadiens).   Zivi comes from the Carpathian Mountains, close to where Tomas grew up and where he first learned to skate.   Since Zivi contains naturally occurring electrolytes and the perfect pH of 7.5, it makes is the optimal water for sports.  From now on, Zivi is Tomas’ new water for the win…

Zivi waters are part of the Mineralaide Family.  To order our bottled waters, please visit mineralaide.ca.